A whiz kid turned internet entrepreneur has some reassuring words for parents nervous about getting kids their first digital devices.

FOX's Lisa Brady explains:

Being a parent was tough enough before the digital revolution. But for all the potential perils of too much screen time, it can also mean new opportunities for kids. Case in point: Andrew Sutherland, Founder and CTO of Quizlet.

(Sutherland) "I would say my example is a good one of creativity that was unlocked."

He was about ten when his parents got him his first laptop and in eighth grade, built a website that became the foundation for Quizlet, an online learning tool now used by millions of students.

(Sutherland) "Exploration that I was able to do through the internet and through programming. If I hadn't had that laptop I wouldn't have been able to do and I wouldn't have this company and I wouldn't have this career."

Sutherland says it's an exciting time for kids and technology and that parental controls are evolving, too, so it's easier to lock down a browser or limit app-use to educational purposes.

(Sutherland) "You know, there are risks but there are also big rewards."

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parenting virtual areas like the real ones... Staying involved, imposing limits and leading by example.

With FOX On Family, I'm Lisa Brady.