There's a new proposal in California to try to deter drunk driving with the help of bartenders.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

A bill in California's state assembly would require bartenders to stop serving customers who are intoxicated and mandates training to help them to spot who's had too much to drink:

(Bartender) "There was the initial mumble and grumble about it, oh no I have to do more training, but at the end of the day it's all for everybody's safety."

Jeff Dascher's a bartender and would have to be trained every three years:

(Dascher) "What the students here try to emphasize that you want to pay attention to changes."

Sam Hubbard's an instructor at a the Sacramento School of Bartending:

(Hubbard) "This may be somebody's worst night of their life that they really screw everything up and you're the person that maybe could of helped change that."

18 other states already require similar server training.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.