New York City officials are seething over plans by the Obama administration to cut terror funding to New York City.

FOX's Gary Baumgarten reports:

New York City as everyone knows was hit by the worst terrorist attack in history on September 11, 2001 and counter-terrorism experts say it's still a potential target.

That's why there's always a heightened state of vigilance here. But now, the Obama administration wants to cut anti-terrorism funding to the "Big Apple":

(Blasio) "We can't reduce funding to stop terror at a point when the terror threat is greater than ever. It makes no sense."

That's Mayor Bill de Blasio, joined by Democratic New York Senator Charles Schumer, who made an unusual rebuff of the Obama administration.

The White House counters that it is still providing what it calls robust funding to New York City.

In New York, Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.