"It's not going to be just about this case. Terrorists watch the news, they are watching what's going on here, this is going to be the new way they do business going forward. They know we have standards to get information in the cloud, they know this is a new impasse between technology getting out in front of law enforcement's ability and candidly, we have to come up with common ground."

---Cybersecurity expert Therese Payton on how we need to find common ground between privacy and security in extreme cases

Former White House Chief Information Officer & Cybersecurity Authority & Identity Theft Expert Theresa Payton weighed in on the controversy of Apple CEO Tim Cook refusing to follow a judge's order to cooperate with the FBI as they try to gain access into one of the phones of used by San Bernardino shooters Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook. Payton said the media has wrongly said this case as the government trampling on civil liberties because this is about the government asking for access to one particular phone involved in a criminal case, they are not asking for an all access back door into all Apple devices, they want the setting on the 10x try password lockout that wipes out the data and have it set to infinity so they can do their job.

Listen here:

Payton explains that iPhones are not as secure as we believe:

(PAYTON)If I pick up your iPhone or my iPhone and my phone is locked now and I talk to Siri, Siri will tell me a lot of things on someone's phone without unlocking it. I can pick up my phone and say Siri, tell me my calendar today and it will tell me so they are not (iPhones) completely 100% locked down.