A guilty conscience may have prompted a thief to change his ways.

FOX's Kerin McCue reports:

Someone recently stole a Amazon box containing birthday presents for his kid off of Eric Truitt's front porch in Paulding County, Georgia.

On Monday, FOX 5, Atlanta, aired Truitts' story on the news. The very next morning:

(Truitt) "My wife was leaving this morning to go grab breakfast and she noticed that there was a rolled up tarp next to our mailbox."

An attached, anonymous note read, in part, "I know I can't make it right, but I want to try".

In addition to the note and the presents, cash! Truitt handed the whole bundle over to police, who'll dust the contents for fingerprints. Truitt hopes the thief learned an important lesson:

(Truitt) "If you take something from someone, if you do damage to someone's property, you really are affecting people."

And he says he hopes this repentant robber changes their ways, for good!

Kerin McCue, FOX News.