"If Donald Trump Is Going to talk about the things he believed in 2003 Then He Is going to be held to account that he doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment, that he was for partial birth abortion, that he loved the single payer system and he advocated a tax on assets of 14.5 %. You know, two can tango on this, if that's what he says, that he looks back on history and says he said whatever he said in 2003, than we should take the full package. He is to the left of Hillary Clinton and he is competing with Bernie Sanders on economic policy and social policy."

---Jeb Bush saying if Trump wants to talk about what he believed back in 2003 then everything Trump believed in the past is fair game.

2016 GOP presidential candidate, former FL Governor, Jeb Bush spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about Sen Marco Rubio saying he has no foreign policy experience, Donald Trump taking shots at his brother's (Pres George W Bush) decision to invade Iraq in 2003 and why he feels if Trump wants to relive his past comments from 2003 then his past beliefs are fair game as well. Plus, Jeb talks about his conversation with Gov.Chris Christie after he dropped out of the race, Ted Cruz's foreign policy strategy on ISIS and celebrating his 63rd birthday.

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