Jeb Bush Focused on South Carolina

The Republicans are stumping across South Carolina, in preparation of the Primary and a debate.

FOX’s Eben Brown has more from Anderson, South Carolina:

A few hundred people showed up here at the Civic Center in Anderson, South Carolina, just to hear Jeb Bush speak.

Roger Broom lives nearby, and says he’ll vote for Bush because of his accomplishments as a governor, but also because of his legacy:

(Broom) “And he comes from the Bush family, he’s seen George Herbert Walker Bush, and his brother do the things that they’ve done and he’s seeing what they’re doing.  I think he can approve upon that, he can make it a better place.”

The Republican candidates are already criss-crossing the state, except for Donald Trump, who won’t arrive until tomorrow before the debate in Greenville.

In Anderson, South Carolina, Eben Brown, FOX News.