Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

    Are you trying to think outside of the box for a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other?

    FOX’s Ashley Papa has some advice:

    Roses, chocolate, lingerie, are all the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but why not think outside the heart-shaped box this year?

    Relationship coach Hunt Ethridge says there are many gifts couples can enjoy together:

    (Ethridge) “Something that both could get each other would be a home chef to come in and make one of their favorite meals or a hotel weekend, whether it’s a stay-cation in your own city or whether you go somewhere local.”

    How about a couple’s massage, luxurious bed sheets, or tickets to see a band or sports team you both like?

    (Ethridge) “Ask yourself if you think they would buy it for themselves if they were to splurge. Is it something that they would enjoy? Is it something that they’re passionate about?”

    Ethridge adds if you receive a gift you hate, at least acknowledge you’re at loves effort.

    (Ethridge) “Understand that for the most part, people giving you gifts are trying to give you something they think you’ll like. So at least thank the thought behind it.”

    For couples in love it’s the quality time together that matters more than the gift itself.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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