North Korea has ordered that its military take over factories operated by South Korean companies. Its's also severing hotlines with the South. This, amid fallout from its recent rocket launch.

Details from Tokyo and FOX's Alastair Wanklyn:

A convoy of trucks arrives from North Korea evacuating South Korean bosses from factories making items such as garments and watches.

Pyongyang says it's taking over the facilities, ending a joint project that earned it cash and was the most visible sign of cross-border cooperation.

It's also pulling the plug on two cross-border hotlines set up to defuse military and humanitarian crises.

Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul among governments imposing new sanctions after the rocket launch this weekend.

There is still little response from China, although Beijing has slammed talk of putting new U.S. missile defenses in South Korea.

In Tokyo, Alastair Wanklyn, FOX News.