The standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge is over, but the final moments were extremely tense as four remaining holdouts gave themselves up.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal reports audio of it all was streamed live:

Four remaining holdouts are now in custody. Three went out Thursday morning, but one holdout remained for a couple hours.

David Fry's phone call with supporters was streamed live: 

(Fry) "If they're trampling on your rights this much than sometimes it's better to die, liberty or death, and I'm taking that stance, this is my stance, this isn't America's stance, this is my stance, David Lee Fry's stance. I declare war against the federal government."

He said he felt suicidal that he had a gun to his head and complained that his tax dollars go to abortion, war, and healthcare. He said he wanted marijuana and a pizza, but after speaking with the FBI, he eventually walked out.

Two weeks ago most of the protesters were arrested on a highway during a time when they'd left the refuge and the group spokesman was killed by police.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.