North Korea getting blasted by the international community for expanding its weapons program. And the head of the U.S. Intelligence community giving a stark warning about the North's ambitions.

FOX's Jill Nado is in Washington with that story:

After launching a long range missile into space this weekend, North Korea is expanding a uranium enrichment facility. That from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper...

But he told a senate panel there are doubts about Pyongyang's abilities, like when they said they tested another nuke last month:

(Clapper) "Claiming it was a hydrogen bomb, but the yeild was too low for it to have been a successful test of a stage thermal nuclear device."

However, Clapper warns Pyongyang's trying to build a ballistic missile to be launched from a submarine and that would be a threat to the U.S. homeland.

In Washington, Jill Nado, FOX News.