Lessons Your Kids Can Learn About Valentine’s Day

    Whether you celebrate it or not, some sweet thoughts to share with the kids for Valentine’s Day.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady has the details:

    Ah, Valentine’s Day, for some parents, a welcome chance for some we time and for kids it can be quite the candy bonanza in school.

    But it is possible to have it mean more than chocolate:

    (Dr. Wright) “The game we want to play is to create our own traditions.”

    Dr.†Bob Wright, co-author of ‘The Heart of the Fight,’ says to him it’s about relationships, which for kids, means friendships:

    (Dr. Wright) “One of the first things parents can help a child understand: If you want to have friends, be a friend.”

    Treating others the way you’d want be treated and he says if the kids are giving out Valentine’s in class, tap into that excitement as†a chance to help them learn to accentuate the positive:

    (Dr. Wright) “What’s cool about each one, it may be cool that she’s got a pet, it may be cool that he’s a good baseball player.”

    Dr.†Wright suggests the more families can celebrate humanity and human potential, the better, and he says don’t let the commercialism get you down.

    With FOX†on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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