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"#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial."

Get ready to feel old. Pokémon is celebrating 20 years and is doing so in epic fashion. This inspiring spot shows a slew of people training for greatness and inadvertently motivating others to do the same.

Another blast from the past...

"Masters of the Universe 1987 STAR WARS FAN TRAILER."

The force is strong with this fan made trailer. That mixes clips from the '80's cult flick, Masters of the Universe against music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Two stories. Both about good versus evil. By the power of Grey Skull, the mash up sort of works.

And, the battle lines of good against bad are somewhat blurred in this next trending video...

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - TV Spot 3 ."

Actually, a lot of people care. This preview of the highly anticipated super hero flick shows Superman delivering a stern message to the Caped Crusader. The movie hits theaters in March.

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