"If you watch him do interviews with women, he bullies them, he runs roughshod over them and he doesn't like a strong, assertive woman."

---Rand Paul on how he feels Trump treats female interviewers

Senator Rand Paul joined Kilmeade & Friends to talk about Trump dropping out of the debate, how he feels Trump bullies women, why he thinks his delusions of grandeur have gotten out of control and how not having Trump at the debate will make it a more substantive debate because the candidates won't be talking about his twitter insults.

Listen here:

Rand Paul on if he thinks Megyn Kelly is bias against Trump & Trump's treatment of women

(BRIAN) Do you think Megyn Kelly is bias against Donald Trump?

(PAUL) I think Megyn Kelly is a tough interviewer and she is not a pushover and I think he wants something a little bit easier and he is afraid she might point out or ask him a question about his bankruptcies, his treatment of women, a variety of things he doesn't want to talk about. If you watch him do interviews with women, he bullies them, he runs roughshod over them and he doesn't like a strong, assertive woman. I think that's more of what this is about. The things he said about her are things I can't repeat on radio or in front of people. So no, I think he is taking it to a level of the gutter and we will see what the American public thinks of it.

Rand Paul on why he doesn't feel Trump is a real conservative

(PAUL) There really isn't much serious about Donald Trump. He is the king of insults on Twitter and he can change in a heartbeat. That's the problem I have from a conservative point of view, I have no idea if he is a conservative or not. I truly believe he is a fake conservative, that he is running to the right now even though he has been a progressive democrat most of his life, supported Harry Reid, supported Charlie Rangel, was pro-abortion before he became against abortion, was pro-single payer healthcare before he was against it. I just don't see anything about Donald Trump that is conservative. I think people are fooled into thinking his anger makes him a conservative when in reality, he is just saying give the power to him where as true conservatives don't want the power to go to anyone, we want limited power in Washington and we want to return the power to the states and the people.

Rand Paul on how tomorrow's debate will be different without Donald Trump

(BRIAN) How is the stage going to be different without him in the middle and six of you on stage and not eleven?

(PAUL) I think we will have a more substantive debate. We won't have to talk about Twitter insults, we won't have to talk about who is fat, who he thinks is stupid. We won't have to talk about the inanities that Donald Trump lives with. I think it will be great, I finally we will have a substantive debate and I think people will be surprised, I think a lot of people will tune in to see what the other candidates are about without Trump dominating all the time.

(BRIAN) Senator Paul, on the stage, back in the debate, back on the main stage without Donald Trump, this is pretty much almost like a second birthday for you.

(PAUL) Yeah, it's Christmas all over again. Not having Donald Trump insert himself into the debate and dominate it time wise, I think this will really be a chance for me to get my issues out.