The teams for the Super Bowl are set and if you want to join them, you'll have to shell out some big bucks.

FOX's Carmen Roberts breaks down the prices:

If you're eager to see Carolina take on Denver in the Super Bowl, you'll need a ticket and a place to stay.

The cheapest ticket currently available online is about $3,200. Splurging for the best seats available will cost you nearly $28,000 a piece.

Tickets secured, now you need a hotel room. You can grab one in the San Francisco Bay area between $200-$1,200 a night.

But if you want to live it up, you can rent a luxury home in San Jose for $10,000 a night. Of course, if you're willing to rough it, prices are more reasonable, such as a treehouse for two for $500 a night.

Carmen Roberts, FOX News.