Arizona Cardinals fans hope their team gets to the Super Bowl, but none more than this guy.

FOX's Dave Anthony features:

If the Arizona Cardinals lose on Sunday:

(Soberanes) "Everyone's going to forever remember me for it."

Because Jose Soberanes just got a Super Bowl 50 tattoo with a huge Cardinals logo under the trophy:

(Soberanes) "Some people may say that I jinxed them, but I don't think I did."

The Cardinals have to beat the Carolina Panthers to win the NFC Championship to play in the Super Bowl to get that NFL trophy, if they don't, Soberanes will have a permanent ink reminder of his disappointment on the back of his left leg:

(Soberanes) "I'm a tattoo artist, so it's not going to take a lot for me to edit it, but I don't think I am because it's a memorable moment in my life."

Dave Anthony, FOX News.