An act of kindness is bringing a Colorado couple back together.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

Remember all those World War II newsreels:

"Paratroopers went into the assault... 821 airplane loads..."

Elmer Melchi was one of those troopers jumping into Normandy on D-Day. He's now 92 and dying of cancer in a Veterans Administration Hospice Care, but his wife June, who has dementia, is at a Colorado nursing home not approved by the V.A.

The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper reported their story and someone who read it was so moved, he or she made an anonymous donation to help reunite them, offering to pay for Elmer Melchi to be moved to June's home if he's stable enough and get up to ten days of care to spend his last moments in a bed next to her.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.