Sugar takes a beating in the government's new dietary guidelines. But there are ways to help your family cut sugar intake.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports in this edition of "FOX On Family":

It's the federal government's first recommended daily limit on sugar intake: no more than 10% of your daily calories.

For an adult... That's a can of soda or a candy bar.

(Dr. Edelman) "It is difficult because in some ways we've all become addicted to sugar."

Dr. Jerry Edelman, oncologist and author of "Sugar Rehab", says to help your family eat less sugar, keep it simple, read the labels.

(Dr. Edelman) "If it has more than two grams of sugar per serving in it, don't buy it."

That's just half a sugar cube.

(Dr. Edelman) "What's difficult is to retrain your body."

To avoid blood sugar spikes, he says don't be afraid of sugar substitutes.

(Dr. Edelman) "You can have a diet pop now and then if you have a sweet craving."

Or chocolate -- high in cocoa butter and low in sugar. But some fruits are too sugary. Berries are on his good list. Being active will help burn sugar, and Dr. Edelman says you don't have to cancel Halloween, but given the obesity epidemic, and the many diseases linked to it, he urges parents: educate yourself and your kids on a healthier lifestyle.

With FOX On Family, I'm Lisa Brady.