The organization that governs Wisconsin high school sports is whistling foul on some popular chants

FOX's Chris Hoenig explains:

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association is calling on schools to crackdown and end popular taunts, such as chanting:

(Fans) "Air-ball... Air-ball..."

At a basketball game or:

(Fans) "Scoreboard... Scoreboard..."

As the clock winds down:

(Eckhart) "We are seeing a trend in school administration of more and more negativity when it comes to our athletic events rather than cheering for our team, cheering against the other team."

New Richmond High School Athletic Director Casey Eckhart sees both sides of the issue:

(Eckhart) "We think that athletics is a great opportunity to teach kids how to deal with adversity, how to deal with criticism." 

The W.I.A.A. says the policy is about sportsmanship, not cracking down on enthusiasm.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.