Powerball Jackpot Sold in At Least Three States So Far

    There’s been at least three winners of the big billion and a half dollar Powerball jackpot.

    FOX’s Tonya J. Powers has details:

    Winning tickets were sold in Florida, Tennessee, and in Chino Hills, California, where people gathered at the store where that ticket was sold to celebrate.

    This guy was there and, while he didn’t win, said he had big plans, if he had hit the big one:

    (Male) “We were gonna buy the company we work for, maybe a couple airplanes, gulf streams. There’s work tomorrow and there is no gulf stream waiting for us.” 

    The winning ticket in Tennessee was sold in Munford, just north of Memphis.

    If they take the cash option lump sum, they’d each get about $328-million before taxes. Odds to win were one in 292.2-million.

    Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.