A new tropical disease has turned up inside the U.S. It's another mosquito-transmitted virus, and a woman who traveled to Latin America is now sick.

FOX's Eben Brown reports:

A woman from the Houston, Texas, area is now being treated for Zika virus. It's believed she contracted it from a mosquito while traveling outside the U.S. There is little concern of it spreading, though:

(Debboun) "We're monitoring. We're always going out to the field, we're trapping, we're collecting and we're bringing them to the lab and we're checking, and we're isolating the virus."

Doctor Mustapha Debboun with the Harris County, Texas, public health department.

Zika causes typical flu-like symptoms, for which there is neither a vaccine nor cure. Symptoms can be severe, but death is very rare.

Eben Brown, FOX News.