LISTEN to FOX News Radio special coverage of the President's remarks, hosted by FOX's Jared Halpern and featuring reaction from U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy, U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, FOX's Jon Decker at the White House, as well as political and legal analysts:

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Obama announces executive actions he's taking on gun control.

FOX's Jon Decker has details from the White House:

The President's executive order will have the effect of closing the so-called gun-show loophole by requiring anyone making a living by selling guns to register as a licensed gun dealer and conduct background checks.

The changes are particularly meant for online gun sellers, who often avoid conducting background checks despite making high-volume gun sales.

The executive order also calls for hiring more FBI personnel to process background checks and makes it easier for states to provide mental health information to the background check system.

At the White House, Jon Decker, FOX News.

FOX's Jared Halpern reports from Washington with reaction to President Obama's plans:

House Republicans say the President's executive action is more to do with politics, than preventing deaths.

(Rep. Gowdy) "What he has proposed is so underwhelming that I don't know if anyone will invest in a lawsuit or not."

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, tells FOX News the Obama administration isn't enforcing current gun laws.

California Republican Darrell Issa adds that new regulations would not have prevented recent mass shootings.

(Rep. Issa) "He's got solutions that don't fit the problem. He's in his last year and trying to be relevant."

The National Rifle Association warns the proposed executive actions are ripe for abuse.

In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News.