Here is “the best of 2015” looking back at some of the top viral video trends from the year.

We begin with a popular gimmick the online world never seems to grow tired of… lip syncing in cars.

“Dover Police Dashcam Confessional (Shake it Off).”

With one hand on the wheel, most of the time, a Dover police officer lip syncs to the popular Taylor Swift song, apparently taking some cues from the lyrics.

Another trend… Elaborately choreographed wedding routines.

“Ballerina Wedding: Surprise Groomsmen Dance.”

Dancing to a medley of crowd pleasing songs, this video shows a groom, who happens to be a professional dancer, wowing his ballerina bride at their reception hall, which is actually a stage where the couple have performed together. It’s safe to say this video takes the wedding cake.

2015 was also a pivotal year in the space time continuum.

“Jaws 19 Trailer.”

On October 21st, 2015 the Internet went Back to the Future, marking the iconic date Marty McFly is sent to a futuristic Hill Valley. To honor the occasion, this viral video was released… A fake trailer from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The spoof pokes fun at the movie industry’s love affair with sequels, while elaborating on the film concept teased in Back to the Future II.

And speaking of movies…

“Star Wars Toy Commercial – SNL.”

The force is strong with viral video trend. The record breaking blockbuster film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens spawned a slew of spoofs, including this Saturday Night Live skit that’s essentially a parody commercial, mocking the target audience for Star Wars toys.

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