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"#ELFED | Christmas Jammies 2015 | The Holderness Family."

The Holderness Family is the gift that keeps on giving to the viral video world. And their latest clip spoofs the Kendrick Lamar song "i", with the family spreading some holiday cheer while dressed as Santa's elves.

Another trending clip...

"100 Years Of Toys Mode.Com."

Brimming with nostalgia, this video unwraps popular toys from the twentieth century to present. From Tinkertoy's to the Rubik's Cube and even, this year's hot holiday gift, the "hoverboard."

And, Steve Harvey is trending...

"Steve Harvey Mistakenly Crowns wrong 'Miss Universe'."

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As reported in this FOX and Friends clip, Harvey, who hosted the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant... accidentally announced the wrong winner and corrected his mistake on live TV. Awkward.

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