The man accused of plotting acts of terrorism with his former neighbor, who carried out the San Bernardino attacks, has been ordered held without bond.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal reports:

Enrique Marquez appeared in a white jumpsuit, shackled. The federal judge agreed to the prosecution's request to hold him without bond. He had no priors and no previous interaction with law enforcement.

Prosecutors said he was a flight risk, but Marquez doesn't even have a passport. Instead the judge said he was a risk to the community.

Marquez allegedly helped San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook plot different attacks a few years ago... That they didn't follow through on and also of providing Farook two rifles.

After the shooting Marquez called 911, and said he was suicidal because his neighbor as he put it, did the San Bernardino shooting, and the guns he had given Farook to store were used in the attack.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.