A new record set at the University of Kansas over the weekend with the largest-ever group of people wearing ugly holiday sweaters.

FOX's Pat O'Neill has more:

They're so ugly, you can almost hear them. Well, not quite.... But 3,473 people, all in their sartorial holiday spender, gathered at the Allen Fieldhouse for Kansas's basketball game against Montana.

That more than doubled the Guinness Book record set in England a year ago...

(Fan) "I can honestly say the Fieldhouse has not looked as festive... It's just fantastic, it looks really really good."

Sweaters had to have long sleeves and at least one holiday-themed motif to be eligible. This woman's husband created her's...

(Woman) "He wired it up and put magnetic tape and I have the special battery pack."

The sweaters apparently inspired the team. They were all over Montana, 88-46.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News.