Enrique Marquez, a longtime friend of Syed Farook, the male shooter in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, was charged with conspiring with Farook in 2011 and 2012 to commit crimes of terrorism.

FOX News' Jessica Rosenthal reports:

The Federal complaint against Enrique Marquez says he conspired with Syed Farook to commit acts of terrorism and provided material support to Farook. He bought rifles over three years ago and smokeless powder that were eventually used in the December 2 attack.

The complaint says Marquez converted to Islam about eight years ago and spent hours with Farook reading and watching radical content... Over three years ago they plotted to attack a community college as well as a highway during rush hour, but didn't follow through when some men were arrested in the area for plotting to help al quaida.

The complaint says the day after the shooting, before Marquez checked himself into UCLA's hospital, he called 911 and said his friend was the San Bernardino shooter and had used his guns in the attack.

The Justice Department says Marquez did not know about the December 2 attack, but there are consequences for his weapons purchases and failure to tell law enforcement about previous plots.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.