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Police in Los Angeles are investigating a threat prompting the nation's second-largest school district to close for the day.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal has the story from LA:

L.A. officials were on defense explaining why the superintendent decided to close all schools, nearly 1,100 of them including charter schools.

Especially since New York declared a similar threat a hoax...

(Beck) "These are tough times, these communities Southern California's been through a lot in recent weeks, should we risk putting our children through the same."

L.A.P.D. Chief Charlie Beck said the email threat was specific to LAUSD campuses and that explosive devices, rifles and pistols would be used... That it was routed through an ip address in Europe, but likely originated from an address closer to home.

It's finals week for many, but officials say schools will reopen when they feel it's safe.

In L.A., Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.