Anticipation for the new Star Wars movie is out of this world...

FOX's Carley Shimkus has more:

The force of anticipation, causing Star Wars chatter to soar on social media after Monday night's premiere... The #StarWarsForceAwakens gaining a lot of steam online...

Good news for fans of the movie franchise, some spoiler free feedback now coming in... Actor Rob Lowe tweeting: There's a new hero in town, in a movie that delivers. Cried like a baby, whooped like a teen!

Now if you're nervous about seeing spoilers before getting a chance to watch the movie... Google Chrome's got you covered... They've come out with a tool called 'Force Block' that will help filter movie spoilers.

Proudly show the world you're a fan of 'Star Wars' by adding a blue or red light saber to your Facebook profile picture... All you have to do is visit the official Star Wars page on Facebook.


Carley Shimkus, FOX News.