New York School Teacher Bans Santa, Thanksgiving, and Pledge of Allegiance

    No more Santa… That’s the ruling from an elementary school principal in Brooklyn, New York.

    FOX News’ Pat O’Neill has more:

    PTA president Mimi Ferrera at PS 169 tells FOX News she got the letter about a month ago…

    (Ferrera) “I saw this letter roaming around my two colleagues at the school stating we’re not allowed to have Santa Claus.”

    School principal Eujin Jaela Kim has barred parents and teachers from explicitly mentioning Christmas and Santa Claus at school functions… A memo urging them, “to be sensitive to the diversity of our families.”

    95% of the students are Asian or Hispanic… Kim has also replaced Thanksgiving with a harvest festival and stopped the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The city’s Education Department says it permits holiday symbols if they’re not religious and considers Santa a secular figure, even though many say he represents St. Nicholas.

    As for the PTA’s Mimi Ferrera…

    (Ferrera) “I hope we will bring Santa back.”

    Pat O’Neill, FOX News.