Science may have settled the age-old question: Who's the greatest superhero?

FOX's Kerin McCue has the answer:

Forget about Batman vs. Superman; or Thor vs. Captain America. Science says the jolly fat guy in the red suit is a superhero.

That's right, kids: Santa Claus!

Professor of Physics, Michael Dennin explains why Santa's number one. He teaches the 'Science of Superheroes' at UCal Irvine.

He says Santa can shape-shift-in order to get down all those chimneys. He's psychic, enabling him to know who's been bad or good. And he's faster than The Flash: Traveling at warp speed to deliver toys the world over-in one night!

Santa's only shortfall would be brute strength.... The Incredible Hulk wins that contest.

But Santa's greatest power says Dennin...

(Dennin) "He's bringing kind of a joy and a goodness and he celebrates that idea of giving."

Try and beat that!

Kerin McCue, FOX News.