A local Jewish community in Texas saying "Happy Hanukkah" in a unique way.

FOX's Paul Stevens reports:

Parents and kids at congregation Ahabat Sholom in Fort Worth, using about 50,000 Lego pieces to build a 16-foot-tall menorah, helping celebrate the Jewish 'Festival of Lights'...

No trouble finding help for congregation member and engineer Mike Lavi:

(Lavi) "Anytime I tell them they all get really excited, start to like 'oh that's really cool.'"

In fact, Lavi's had a lot of help since staring the project in July...

(Lavi) "I have families, the Sunday school kids, their families, brothers, sisters, trying to get the whole community involved."

Hanukkah running through next Monday after that, all those Legos, set to be donated to groups serving children and families.

Paul Stevens, FOX News.