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“What do you Want, Fool? Mr. T Becomes Mr. Guaran-T at Fairfield Inn and Suites.”

Ever wonder what ’80’s icon Mr. T is up to these days? In this viral ad, Mr. T takes on the role of a hotel employee for Fairfield Inn and Suites, trying to master the art of customer service. All in all, it’s a clever clip promoting the hotel chain’s stance on customer satisfaction and it will likely leave a smile on viewers faces.

Another spot trending on social media…

“Batman v Superman – Exclusive Sneak.”

This mostly silent glimpse into the highly anticipated super hero flick shows the caped crusader shackled in chains, inside a dank chamber. An angry looking Superman saunters toward the Bat, rips off his mask, revealing his true identity. Poor Ben Affleck. The movie hits theaters in March.

And speaking of upcoming movies… with The Force Awakens opening later this month, theories about the Star Wars saga are running rampant online, including…

“Jar Jar Binks Sith Theory Explained | Reddit | Star Wars | Darth Jar Jar.”

Following a post on Reddit, this theory about the character Jar Jar Binks, a clumsy alien detested by many Star Wars fans… is going viral. Some of the explanations to support the theory, could have some merit. So, is he the ultimate bad guy as the theory suggests, or just an annoying klutz?  Do or do not, Jar Jar… there is no try.

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