How not to be 'that' parent, making a scene at your child's game.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports in "FOX On Family":

FOX On Family.

It's an ugly scene... A parent losing it at a kids' sporting event.

(Brooke) "I really think it happens a lot. And it's happening more and more in today's culture where people are trying so hard to help their kids get ahead and they just kind of lose track of what's really important."

And family therapist Melody Brooke says screaming in a coach's face will just upset your child and leave them feeling embarrassed, instead of supported. But what if someone else on the sidelines is suddenly 'that' parent?

(Brooke) "For the most part, you stay out of it. I mean, what positive thing is going to come out of that."

She says you could talk to your child about it afterward. And if you have a problem, with bad calls for instance, wait until after the game's over to approach the coach or referee. Brooke's also not a fan of trophies and medals for everyone.

(Brooke) "Because in life, we don't get awards for doing nothing, do we? We don't get awards for showing up. We get rewards when we do things that are positive."

She says cheer your kids on, but let them experience losing, and learn from their mistakes, so they can learn how to cope with life.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.