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It wasn't quite the endorsement Donald Trump hoped it would be...but the Republican Presidential front-runner did sit down with black religious leaders.

FOX's Rachel Sutherland reports:

Trump had boasted 100 African American pastors were coming to Trump Tower to publicly back him. A number of black clergy did show up for a closed-door meeting, but there was no group endorsement.

Bishop Victor Couzens of VSC Ministries of Ohio was there...

(Couzens) "I'm not here to endorse Mr. Trump. I am here to have a dialogue."

After the meeting, Trump came out and said there was a lot of love in the room...

(Trump) "Amazing.. We had the African-American pastors... So many came up to Trump Tower... It was like one of the most inspiring meetings."

The New York Times reports one religious leader, Darrell Scott of Cleveland, did endorse Trump publicly after the meeting.

Rachel Sutherland, FOX News.