Should you leave the kids at home for holiday shopping?

FOX's Lisa Brady has some tips when shopping this holiday season:

For any shopping blitz like Black Friday, the lines, the crowds... Early childcare expert Gigi Schweikert says she doesn't bring her children...

(Schweikert) "They like to eat, and nap, and relax. Things that determined parents on a shopping adventure do not want to do."

Plus, they may talk you into buying things not on your list. But if you have to bring the kiddos, dress them in bright clothes and bright shoes...

(Schweikert) "So that if they ever get away from you, you can quickly spot them in a crowd by looking either up or down." 

Make sure they know where to go if you're separated and that they know your cell phone number or where to find it, maybe written in a shoe or jacket.

Bring lots of snacks and water, maybe a surprise bag of new dollar store toys and have a game plan which stores, how long...

(Schweikert) "I once had my own child say to me after I have told him many times 'in a minute, in a minute,' 'you know mom those mommy minutes are a lot longer than regular minutes.'"

She also says find out first thing where the bathrooms are.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.