Rep Peter King: Bush & Clinton Would Reverse Directions If They Had To, Obama Is Trying To Convince Everyone That He Is Right

Brian’s congressman, Rep Peter King (R-NY), called into Kilmeade and Friends and weighed in on the top terror stories of the day, from taking in refugees to the ISIS terror threats to stories that CENTCOM doctored intelligence reports.

How is this president different from Bush and Clinton?

This president isn’t listening to reality. He is so locked into ideology. People thought George Bush was this committed right-winger, Bill Clinton we thought he was this committed left-winger. The fact is that when pressures arise they were willing to look beyond their ideology, look behind the people around them. Like in Iraq, for instance, President Bush when he realized in 2007 that the Iraq policy wasn’t working he cleaned house. He admitted it, went on national television and said the strategy isn’t working. Bill Clinton would reverse directions if he had to, to make things work. They were much more trying to find out the right thing to do while Barack Obama is trying to convince himself, convince everyone, that he is right. That seems to matter more to him than anything else. He also gives the impression that this isn’t something he really wants to be engaged in but it keeps taking up his time. He would much rather talk about global warming.

On the NYT’s & Fox News reports that CENTCOM is watering down intel reports:

I am very concerned. From everything I hear, talking to people on the inside, those stories are accurate. The stories are accurate in that the information and the reports are being watered down to make things sound like they are better than they are. This is something the president has to do an honest investigation on.