A recent suspected case of widespread sexting at a Colorado high school has police urging parents everywhere to talk to their kids.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

It's a dangerous trend for today's smartphone generation, exchanging explicit content.

(Lozano) "I don't think that theses kids are understanding the gravity of what's happening by trading these pictures like baseball cards and depersonalizing."

Violating a sense of privacy at a critical age. And behavior therapist Rusty Lozano says it can also lead to thinks like blackmail or child porn charges... Even if it's teenagers sexting with other teenagers.

(Lozano) "It's real easy to get tied up into things that you didn't actually take into account before you sent a picture out."

His advice to parents: Get back to the basics... face to face.

(Lozano) "We really just need to talk to our kids and be very direct and say 'These are the dangers that you face when you actually do this.' And, you know, snoop... get on their phone, look at what's going."

They may not like being reminded you have access to their accounts, but it's worth it to protect them. Tell them to steer away from contacts heading in that direction. And parents reach out to someone if you need help with what to say.

With FOX On Family, I'm Lisa Brady.