A black man shot by police in Minneapolis has died...

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal reports his shooting has rallied protesters over the past couple of days... Many of whom were arrested Monday night:

Jamar Clark's family says he has died after he was taken off life support. He was shot by police after law enforcement said he had committed assault and interfered with an ambulance crew that had come to help someone at a birthday party.

Protesters with 'Black Lives Matter' say Clark was handcuffed when he was shot. Police say he was not...

(Hodges) "In addition to the state investigation, I am asking the civil rights division and the United States attorneys office to review this matter and open a civil rights investigation."

That's Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges... Monday night 50 protesters were arrested after blocking a highway. They want to review any video that police may have captured of Clark's arrest.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.