Results from another survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number of U.S. kids with Autism has close to doubled. But are the findings reflective of the reality?

FOX's Eben Brown has more on that story:

The accepted estimates on the number of U.S. kids with Autism is still one in about 70, but results of yet another survey by the CDC, asking parents if a professional ever said their child was Autistic, shows the number to be one in 45.

Some experts say the repeat surveying is the reason for sharp rises in reported cases...

(Rosenoff) "And it was actually a re-wording of this question and a re-ordering of the questions in the survey that caused the prevalence of Autism to jump."

Michael Rosenoff with activism group Autism Speaks says Autism is understood to be a spectrum disorder and that more people qualify as having it.

Eben Brown, FOX News.