It's Friday the 13th. Stop being so darned superstitious... Or not.

FOX News' Eben Brown reports:

Are you scared yet? It's Friday the 13th.

Yeah, yeah... Jason Voorhees, creepy summer camps. We get it. But did you know there's an official-sounding name for a real fear of Friday the 13th?




Right... But it's a real thing. People the world over say it's a day of bad luck.

(Dr. Birnbaum) "Some people actually do stay home. They don't go out. They don't fly. They don't go shopping."

Dr. Frieda Birnbaum is a research psychologist who says the roots of Friday the 13th are biblical and that's why it's so pervasive.

(Dr. Birnbaum) "Even scholars have said that Eve took the apple on Friday the Thirteenth."

Sounds worse than breaking a mirror!

Eben Brown, FOX News.