A new report card on the nation's schoolchildren shows a decline in math and reading scores.

FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers has more on the assessment results:

The 2015 "Nation's Report Card" doesn't get all A's.

The report, officially known as the National Assessment of Education Progress, says only about a third of the nation's eighth-graders were at proficient or above in math and reading - slipping over the last two years.

Among four graders, the results were slightly better - about two in five scored proficient or better.

And while scores slipped a little in reading, both fourth and eighth-graders were higher than 1990's results.

The report also found a continuing achievement gap between white and black students.

One of the bright spots?

Washington DC and Mississippi both saw substantial gains in reading and math.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.