Colin Cowherd: Time For The Browns To Cut Ties With Manziel

“I never liked Johnny Manziel’s maturity level, he can be petulant and spoiled. I don’t like his temperament. I think he is too showy. I would have never drafted him. At this point, I think you cut ties, you say ‘Johnny, you are not a fit for this organization’ and for the record, Cleveland is not a flashy town.”

—-Colin Cowherd explaining why Johnny Manziel is not a fit for the Cleveland Browns.

Colin Cowherd, host of THE HERD on Fox Sports 1 & NY Times bestselling author, called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about his latest book “RAW, My 100% Grade A Unfiltered, Inside Look At Sports.” Naturally, Brian & Colin also touched on some of the hot sports stories of the day, including, Cowherd’s thoughts on why the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel, is not the right fit for the Cleveland Browns, as well as Colin’s infamous interview when he hung up on University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Plus, Brian & Colin discussed their mutual love of dogs and the difficulties that come along with losing a beloved pet.

Listen here:

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