The NYPD has released the name of the man they believe shot and killed one of their officers as he tried to stop a crime.

FOX News Radio's Gurnal Scott with more:

New York City police say Tyrone Howard is the man Officer Randolph Holder was chasing in East Harlem when the officer was shot and killed Tuesday night.

Howard has several prior arrests on his record, a fact that frustrates Mayor Bill de Blasio...

(de Blasio) "There's more we have to do and more our criminal justice system has to do because that's one of the ways we will protect our communities and our officers alike."

Holder was shot as he pursued Howard, who stole a man's bike at gunpoint. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says Holder's death is the fourth in the line of duty in the last 11 months.

In New York City, Gurnal Scott, FOX News Radio.

(AP Photo/Michael Balsamo)
(AP Photo/Michael Balsamo)