Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Teaching A T-Rex to Macarena.”

While unemployment continues to plague the country, there seems to be no shortage of strange videos trending on YouTube. Coincidence? In this trending clip, a woman teaches someone wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume how to dance the “Macarena.” And, it’s a viral sensation.

Forget limitless information and instant communication. This next video is further proof why the Internet exists…

“Cat don’t like music.”

A young girl is sitting on the floor playing the flute when a cat shows up and pounces, pulling on the musician’s arm and looking angrily at the camera. After a pause, pun intended, the girl resumes playing and… the Randy Orton of cats returns.

Looking to lose another minute of your life?

Check out “Central Fluff: ‘Friends’ Remade with Hamsters.”

This trending clip shows hamsters scampering around a diorama of the Central Perk coffee shop, while graphics introduce the vermin with cutsey names like… “Jennifer Hamsterson.” The laugh out loud moment? Wait for it… David Schwimmer. The only cast member to appear in human form, who’s credit role scene is randomly spliced in. Poor Ross.

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