Keep those little ghosts and goblins safe on Halloween with the help of these tips!

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady presents "Fox on Family":

This kind of scary... you don't want for Halloween!

(Dulic) "During October and November of 2013, more than 4,000 consumers reported Halloween-related injuries."

Most of those injuries -- lacerations from carving pumpkins. So Kim Dulic with the Consumer Product Safety Commission says let kids stick to scooping out the seeds... or maybe paint the pumpkin.

Homeowners -- use fake candles instead of real ones and make room...

(Dulic) "When you're decorating your walkways and your landings, avoid putting decorations in the path of the trick-or-treaters."

For costumes -- see and be seen, use flame retardant synthetic fabrics, and if the colors aren't bright add reflective tape.

(Dulic) "Kids get really excited during Halloween and they're running and maybe not taking the best precautions when it comes to crossing the street."

So they also encourage hats and face paint instead of masks for little ones.

And don't forget to inspect those treats before they eat -- for food safety... and in case small toys are in the mix.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.