They better watch out in a small Alaska town and they better not cry. They better not pout...

And Fox News Radio's Dave Anthony will tell us why:

He's making a list:

(Santa Claus) "My naughty and nice list is fairly comprehensive."

And checking it twice:

(Santa Claus) "The elves update it all the time."

But Santa Claus is not coming to town. He's already there:

(Santa Claus) "I live in North Pole, Alaska."

And he's just been elected to the city council:

(Santa Claus) "I'm fairly well-known, I think people are pleased with it... So we'll see, time will tell... I have three years to make a positive impression."

No kids... This isn't the real Santa, but he looks like him. Big white beard and all and sounds like him:

(Santa Claus) "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

This Claus legally changed his name years ago and the 68-year-old has the same goal as North Pole City Councilor:

(Santa Claus) "To benefit as many children as I possibly can."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.