Democratic Debate: All Eyes on Hillary Clinton

    With the Democrats’ first Presidential debate just a day away, the candidates are putting in last minute cramming sessions before tomorrow, but will former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton see the bulk of tough questions?

    FOX News Radio’s Jon Decker has more from the site of the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada:

    Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton will likely face questions from her challengers on her recent flip-flop concerning the Trans Pacific Partnership. She may also be asked to explain why she set up a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

    The President on ’60 Minutes’ last night defended Clinton.

    (President Obama) “She made a mistake, she’s acknowledged it. I do think that the way it’s been ginned up is in part because of politics.”

    Clinton leads Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by 19 points in the latest CBS poll. Her lead declines significantly if Vice President Joe Biden enters the race.

    In Las Vegas, Jon Decker, FOX News Radio.