Using personal technology to help our kids learn.

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Many classrooms of today still look a lot like the classrooms of the past.

(Barkley) "Still a large percentage of classrooms don't authentically represent what the world looks like."

A world where 70% of high school students have smartphones. But wait, aren't we always trying to get our kids to put down their devices?

(Barkley) "Who's got the iPad and how much time have they had on it today."

Warren Barkley, CTO at Smart Technologies home of the smartboard has four kids, so he gets it... The struggle to balance use of technology. And he says even with more schools using things like smartboards, there isn't enough group learning , or co-creation.

(Barkley) "The research is super clear -- people learn better that way. And so... it's not a question of abandoning reading, writing and arithmetic as much as... let's do it in a way that engages kids and their whole brain."

Barkley says money is an issue, but not the issue.

(Barkley) "The people that have the most money in education and the biggest stakeholders are parents."

He says parents who want change in their schools can drive it.

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