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The Peanuts Movie | Official Trailer 2

The blockhead is back. Charlie Brown and the gang are returning to the silver screen in this 20th Century FOX movie that shows the Peanuts crew evolving with the times. With an on-trend soundtrack, sprinkled with a bit of sass, this trailer hints at a timeless story between a boy and his dog… A dog, who knows how to salsa. The movie hits theaters this November.

Speaking of upcoming FOX releases…

The X-FILES | Official Trailer | FOX BROADCASTING

Mulder and Scully are reuniting, because the truth is still out there. This trailer shows the FBI agents joining forces to uncover yet another conspiracy and glimpses at the return of the mysterious cigarette smoking man.

In keeping with the trailer theme…

The Angry Birds Movie – Official Teaser Trailer

The popular smart phone game that involves sending furious foul flying with a sling shot is coming to theaters… And, it looks every ounce as silly and fun as the game.

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